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About Cre8ive byDay's Creator

~J.J. Day~


I was born in the small town of Wingham, Ontario, Canada. That is where my story began. It was very quaint and I loved growing up there. I was infused with the belief that words are powerful and can be used for so many different purposes. To connect one another, to offer new information, to escape into other worlds or times, to inspire dreams, as well as to deliver good or bad news. 
I've lived a long life already and I've only just turned 33. I've experienced so many highs and lows that life has offered me and it has taken me a long time to find where I belong, but the one thing that has never let me down was my ability to write. I have multitudes of paper scattered throughout my house (and my mom's and every place I've ever lived as well) with poems, song lyrics, notes on how to keep going on, and other inspirational writings and quotes. Although I am alone, I am never lonely, because writing gives me a place to share my ideas, hopes, dreams, and my current woes that I can reflect upon later on down the road when I need reminders of my lows.

I was raised by an older, single mother named Jane and her parents, John & Janet Day. We were a small but mighty family. My grandpa was my ultimate hero on earth, and the person who inspired me to be a dreamer, for he was the King of dreaming himself. He'd tell me stories at bedtime, many based on the books by Thornton Burgess, he would place me in their world, along with himself and our pets at the time. We would go back into the woods surrounding our family farm and would interact with the book characters before grandma would call us home for dinner. I would drift off into the most scenic of dreams. Those are memories I hope I never forget. My grandma was a teacher, she taught many school subjects in her day, including music. Later in her career, she would be asked to substitute for teachers at my school when I was a young girl and even filled in for my own class's music lessons. I was always equally thrilled as well as humiliated when she would show up in our classrooms. She was a strict, but always a fair teacher, and I respected her for keeping me on par with the other students. Though more grounded than my grandpa, she also encouraged me to dream and urged me to be my best, and wanted nothing but my happiness. I will admit, I wish I had listened to her more, because now as an adult, her words are more relevant and true. And, for my mom, she was my best friend. When I was a kid, she and I did nearly everything together. We took karate together, we went bowling and to the theatre back when our town had those amazing amenities. She would accompany me on class field trips and other school outings when she could get time off work. My grandpa passed away in November of 2011, my grandma in September of 2020 (of old age, not COVID19) and my mom is still living, but has been battling Ovarian Cancer since October 2009.

I attended Sacred Heart Separate School from Kindergarten all the way until Grade 8, where I graduated and walked the five extra minutes up the hill to my high school, F.E. Madill Secondary School. I loved learning and had many groups of friends, but towards the end of my high school career, a situation occurred where my mental health took a big hit that I never fully recovered from and eventually led to me dropping out at the age of 17, only half a year away from graduating. In hindsight, it was the biggest regret of my life, because I have lived for the last sixteen years with the ugly title of "high school dropout". For the sake of three or four months, I could have completed my primary and secondary education requirements, but because I couldn't bear it mentally, I left and have been attempting and failing ever since to get my high school diploma. From attending Adult-Educational facilities to the G.E.D. but standardized testing is extremely difficult for me and becomes increasingly worse the older I get. I found out in recent years that the reason the testing was so hard for me was that as it turns out, I have ADHD, and my logic and my ability to focus are compromised. Combine the low-esteem from being a high school dropout with the low-esteem acquired from all the symptoms I exhibit from my ADHD diagnosis my self-worth has been severely damaged. It is only in the last two (2) to three (3) years that I have been making major attempts to break free of this horrible feeling I've had of myself for far too long.

I finally know that my weaknesses work with my strengths to make me a more well-rounded person who is capable of so much greatness. 

So, I created this site and business in order to help others reach their own potential and to help creative people unleash their talents and reach their dreams however big. For anyone who wants to become a writer who inspires other people who dream of writing. To become an influencer who wants inspires other people to go after the life from their dreams.

I am here for you. 

🤝Let's work together so your dreams come true more effortlessly!🤝


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